Resources To Enhance Digital Rights





AIRA Political Microtargeting Report - Nigeria


1. Policy brief on Online Violence Against Women & Girls in Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Paradigm Initiative issued a statement condemning Internet Disruptions in Senegal-Africa

3. Paradigm Initiative on 17th March wrote an Open Letter calling for President Edgar Lungu to Defer Signing of the Zambia 


1. KICTANET submitted a petition KICTANet, in a memorandum opposing the Information Communication Technology Practitioners Bill

2.KICTANET Published a policy brief “Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable

Fintech Ecosystem in Kenya

3. KICTANet published a tool created to guide different groups of women on

content creation.


1.CIPESA in March released reports assessing the barriers that limit access to ICT tech by persons with disability. Recommendations for the realization of an inclusive digital society were made

2.CIPESA released a report titled; How Telecom Companies in Africa Can

Respond Better to Internet Disruptions.

3.CIPESA published a report titled the State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2021.

ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa

1.ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa published the ‘Gagging Free Speech’ series. This looks at

the use of two problematic laws in Kenya, including the Computer Misuse and

Cybercrimes Act, 2018 and the Kenya Films and Stage Plays Act (CAP 222).

2.ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa published a preliminary analysis on Rwanda’s Draft

Data Protection Bill

3.Article 19 on 7th September published its 2020 Annual Report that highlights the

impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on freedom of expression in the region during the year 2020


1.CIPIT on March 15, 2021 launched a report on a study on the privacy practices of digital lending apps in Kenya

2. On 16th June, CIPIT released to the public the first issue of JIPIT, an academic journal by


3.CIPIT published a new podcast episode on their Friendly Troll Podcast, “Public Participation in FTAs: The UK Kenya EPA” 


1.Amnesty Kenya published a report titled Parents Have Key Role In Protecting

Children From The Ugly Side Of The Internet.

2. Amnesty Kenya reintroduced their podcast titled Stripped down.


1. BudgIT published their latest research document that reviewed Nigeria’s fiscal policy responses and data sources for tracking policy implementation at the federal and state levels.

2.BudgIT held a podcast that discussed COVID-19 fund management, government

responsiveness, and vaccine distribution in Africa

3. BudgIT released the “2020 NNPC Annual Performance Review”


1.CcHub hosted Lukes Jordan, a practitioner-in-residence at MIT’s Governance

Lab to discuss his ‘Don’t Build it’ guide aimed at helping the community of technologists avoid

bad projects

2. CcHub hosted the July Episode of Ed Tech Mondays Nigeria that discussed the top education challenges that technology can address

3.CChub/Ihub released the September episode of EdTech Mondays. This

episode discussed ‘EdTech for The Future of Work’


1.The Legal Resources Centre made submissions on the revised Constitution 18th Amendment bill.

2.LRC has compiled a multilingual handbook on domestic violence and the legal protections available to women who are survivors and victims of domestic violence.

3. LRC National Director Nersan Govender participated in an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) podcast with INCLOnet partners from India and Colombia, on the impact of unequal access to vaccines and technology during the coronavirus pandemic

The African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) envisions an Africa where digital rights are upheld in all aspects of life, governance, and the economy, ensuring equity and prosperity across the continent.