Who We Are

The African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) is a network of Africa-based civil society organisations (CSOs) that advance digital rights. 

AIRA members are leading authorities on digital rights and internet freedom, and have a track record of evidence-based and credible engagement at national, regional, continental and global levels. 

Through our collective work, AIRA members cover most of eastern, western and southern Africa.

Latest News

AIRA Talks – Join us for our quarterly AIRA Talks as we discuss Artifical Intelligence Policy in Africa. We will be hosting seasoned digital rights and freedoms experts who will talk us through the current AI policy situation on the continent, the challenges for a continental strategy, recommendations for strengthening local content and fostering an enabling environment, ethical and gender considerations, and more.

Our Members

Leading Voices on Digital Rights and Internet Freedom in Africa


AIRA brings together organisations that address digital rights and internet freedoms across the African continent.We provide forums for regular updates, opportunities for sharing and learning from the work of AIRA members; identifying issues for joint action(s), and spaces to engage and learn from others.

AIRA members work together to address common concerns on digital rights policy as well as to promote policies, models and/ or practices that enhance digital rights. We engage with various stakeholders including policymakers at national, regional, continental and global levels on various aspects of digital rights.

AIRA produces research and position papers that inform policy and decision-making on digital rights

AIRA recognises the importance of building synergies, as well as working collectively for greater influence and effective advocacy

The AIRA Monthly Bulletin

The AIRA Bulletin provides a one-stop shop for easily accessible and regularly updated information on our members’ activities, events and publications.

The African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) envisions an Africa where digital rights are upheld in all aspects of life, governance, and the economy, ensuring equity and prosperity across the continent.

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