AIRA Talks

Our AIRA Talks serve as a  platform for regular and consistent discussion amongst thought leaders, practitioners and policymakers from Africa and other parts of the world who are interested in learning more about developments in digital rights on the African continent.

AIRA Talks: IX

Exploring recommendations for AI policy approaches in Africa in light of AI utilizations and framing of already existing policy agenda. Including

  • What AI Policy looks like in Africa? For African countries that have National AI Strategies or Policies, what priorities are addressed in these documents.
  • Anticipated challenges to the general implementation of AI Policy in Africa considering the already existing national AI strategies?
  • How a Continental AI Strategy presents opportunities to foster local content and equitable access to computing infrastructure
  • Priorities a Continental AI Strategy should have to ensure the minimisation of biases and discrimination in the development and deployment of AI 
  • Key gender considerations must be taken into account in developing a continental policy response to AI development and deployment
  • Power dynamics and gender issues that exist in the use, development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Africa
  • Successful examples or best practices from other continental jurisdictions that are worth transferring into an African regional AI strategy


Exploring the intersection between climate justice and digital rights including:

  • How both movements work together to ensure that responsible data governance principles are integrated into climate data collection and sharing practices
  • What the realities and consequences of online climate disinformation are
  • What strategies and tools can be employed to combat online climate disinformation
  • How can both movements work together to tackle this problem
  • What the unique challenges and opportunities for climate justice on the continent are
  • What the opportunities for advocacy within the digital rights community on the topic of sustainable use of technologies are


Discussing the protection of digital rights during the Zimbabwean Elections of 2023:

  • A background of the political climate in Zimbabwe especially as it relates to digital rights
  • Why it is important to have access to reliable and independent information online during and election and are there concerns about online misinformation and disinformation
  • Potential consequences of misinformation and disinformation in the Zimbabwean context.
  • Enlightenment on Freedom House’s Election Vulnerability Index
  • Potential opportunities regarding the protection of digital rights during the elections?

AIRA Talks: VI

Discussing Gender Equity, Data Governance and Digital Transformation in Kenya

  • What specific gender biases and challenges exist in the current data governance regime and practices in Kenya

  • How policy can address these gaps

  • If the AU Data Governance Framework provide a sufficient framework to promote gender-responsive data governance.

  • What some opportunities for collaborative initiatives and policy advocacy for more gender-responsive data governance are in Kenya

AIRA Talks: V

Discussing the ethical, social, economic and policy implications for Generative AI in Africa

  • Some of the benefits of generative AI and specific benefits for disadvantaged groups and/or communities?
  •  How AI developed and  the data safety considerations from an industry perspective
  • The specific/unique challenges with generative AI in Afric as well as ethical dilemmas
  • What efforts are being made to regulate AI globally
  • What discussions and issues form the core of discussions on AI regulation in Africa
  • Gender-specific biases and/or concerns with AI
  • The policy and regulatory framework for AI in Brazil, and other parts of Latin America
  • Key recommendations that you have for policy makers in Africa, related to AI?

AIRA Talks: IV

Discussing the digital rights implications and anticipation during the 2023 Nigeria Elections


Discussing the digital rights implications and anticipation during the 2022 Kenya Elections

  • Key issues related to data protection and privacy in the elections
  • The relevance of monitoring the technology used during the elections
  • Other issues related to: hidden languages, false translations, behavioural advertising, Cambridge analytical, data breaches, the commercial use of data, 

AIRA Talks: II

Discussing the topic, “Advancing Digital Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, Lessons from CSOs and Private”

AIRA Talks: I

Discussing the progress, opportunities and challenges of Data Governance in Africa

  • Sharing key findings from different studies conducted on Data Governance in Africa
The African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) envisions an Africa where digital rights are upheld in all aspects of life, governance, and the economy, ensuring equity and prosperity across the continent.

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