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Leading Voices on Digital Rights and Internet Freedom in Africa

Amnesty International - Kenya

Amnesty International Kenya is a vital arm of the global human rights movement, dedicated to upholding and defending human rights across Kenya. Since its establishment, the organization has been steadfast in its commitment to advocating for justice, equality, and dignity for all individuals, irrespective of background or status. Its mission is to prevent and eradicate human rights abuses through rigorous research, impactful advocacy, and empowering action. Amnesty Kenya’s approach includes research and documentation, advocacy and campaigns, legal support, community engagement and international collaborations.

Article 19

ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa is a dynamic force in the region, dedicated to the protection and promotion of freedom of expression and information. As part of the global ARTICLE 19 network, the Eastern Africa office tirelessly works towards creating an environment where everyone can freely exercise their right to express themselves and access information without fear or hindrance. Its mission is rooted in the belief that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and so we strive to create a society where individuals can engage in open dialogue, access diverse information, and express themselves freely, fostering democratic ideals and social progress.


BudgIT is a leading civic organization in Nigeria, leveraging technology to foster transparency, accountability, and civic engagement. Our commitment is to make public finance information more accessible and understandable, empowering citizens to actively participate in governance and hold leaders accountable. BudgIT’s mission is to simplify public finance data and stimulate citizen engagement, creating a more informed and empowered society.

Co-Creation Hub

Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) is a vibrant innovation centre and social impact accelerator in Africa, providing a platform for technology-driven solutions to societal challenges. Rooted in the belief that innovation can drive positive change, CcHub fosters collaboration between technologists, entrepreneurs, and the wider community. CcHub’s mission is to accelerate the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity. 


Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) is a leading organization in the realm of information and communication technologies (ICT) policy research and advocacy in East and Southern Africa. Committed to promoting digital rights, open governance, and inclusive access to ICTs, CIPESA works to ensure that technology benefits all members of society. CIPESA’s mission is to advance digital rights, open governance, and inclusive access to ICTs in East and Southern Africa. 


Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT) is a leading research centre based at Strathmore University in Kenya, specialising in intellectual property and information technology law. Committed to advancing legal knowledge in these fields, CIPIT engages in cutting-edge research, education, and policy advocacy to address the evolving challenges in the digital era. 


Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) is a vibrant multi-stakeholder platform in Kenya that focuses on ICT policy advocacy and facilitates dialogue between government, civil society, academia, and the private sector. Committed to an open and inclusive digital future, KICTANet plays a crucial role in shaping ICT policy and governance in Kenya. KICTANet’s mission is to champion the principles of an open and inclusive internet, advocate for progressive ICT policies, and promote digital rights in Kenya.

Legal Resources Centre

Legal Resources Centre (LRC) is a South African human rights organization dedicated to using the law as a tool for social change and justice. With a focus on advancing and protecting the rights of marginalized and vulnerable communities, LRC engages in strategic litigation, legal advocacy, and community empowerment initiatives. LRC’s mission is to promote and protect human rights, equality, and social justice through legal action and advocacy.

Paradigm Initiative

Paradigm Initiative is a social enterprise that works to improve digital rights, inclusion, and advocacy for an open and accessible digital space, especially in Africa. Through a combination of advocacy, training, and policy research, Paradigm Initiative empowers communities to harness the benefits of technology.  Paradigm Initiative’s mission is to improve digital rights and inclusion in Africa by empowering individuals and communities to leverage technology for social and economic development.


Pollicy is a technology policy think tank and advocacy organization based in Uganda. Committed to harnessing the power of technology for social impact, Pollicy engages in cutting-edge research, advocacy, and collaboration to shape policies that foster digital innovation, inclusion, and privacy. Pollicy’s mission is to champion policies that advance innovation, digital inclusion, and data privacy in Uganda and beyond

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